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Growth Consulting

Creating content without an overall plan will not get your desired results.  Let’s work together to develop and execute a long-term strategy for rapid growth! 

Video Creation

Have a video in mind already? Great! Let us help you turn it into a reality. Not sure where to get started? We can help there too.

Monthly Content Campaigns

One video is rarely what a business needs to succeed. Let us streamline your entire content creation process!

In-Venue Streaming Displays

Bring informational, educational and entertaining content alive in your waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, clinics, barbershops or anywhere else!  Showcase specials and upcoming events, music videos, sports, news and more.  We manage all the technical, content and scheduling headaches for you!

Cinematic Aerials, Virtual Tours and Epic Timelapses

Step up your productions with Cinematic and FPV Aerials, 360 Virtual Tours.  Document fun events, trade shows and construction project from start to finish with our epic timelapses!  Custom zipline and tethered solutions can showcase your project from the air or leverage our long-term ground cameras!

Need Something Else?

No problem, our true passion is developing custom packages to fit our clients’ specific needs. Start the conversation by clicking below!

What Makes us different…?

The landscape of online marketing has shifted drastically for small & medium sized businesses. Competition is incredibly high across all industries, and the days of shooting a video and simply hosting it on your website are over.

To see results… a business needs an extremely well thought out strategy, that is implemented perfectly across multiple channels, ensuring your brand gets in front of the right people.

This is where we come in. Unlike traditional marketing agencies that apply cookie cutter templates to all of their clients, our first priority is to develop a plan that is personalized to you and your goals.

FALCN Media is proud to help growth-focused companies and brands amplify your story and foster your success.  We produce compelling video content and create strategic customized marketing activities and sales funnels that guide your best prospective clients through their journey to purchase.  We succeed when you succeed.  

If we can’t visualize the plan, we won’t sell you on our services… It’s that simple.

Our business is built on providing incredible results and customer satisfaction!

We offer complimentary discovery sessions to all prospects, where we audit the current state of your business’s marketing and outline the beginning of a plan that will take you to the next level (without breaking the bank).

Sounds great…

So how does it work?




Start the conversation! Reach out by sending us an email, giving us a call, or even sending a text if that’s what you prefer. We want to hear from you!


Our business is not “one size fits all.” We’ll speak together & develop a plan that is personalized to you and your business goals

STEP two

STEP three


Implementation is everything when it comes to marketing. We’ll make sure your plan is put into action from day one to the finish line!

Are You Fully Leveraging This Power?

Strategic video content, coupled with a customized distribution plan will enable your company to achieve your goals much more quickly!

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