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Cinematic Aerials, Virtual Tours,
Epic Timelapses

Since 2015, we’ve curated aerial solutions specific to your needs, from our high-end cinema drones powering our corporate and documentary filmmaking projects, to detailed inspection and orthomosaic solutions, to our fleet of FPV and cinewhoop drones for that extra-immersive and engaging experience!

We are fully licensed, registered and insured with Advanced + Flight Reviewer authorization issued by Transport Canada. The law requires credentials such as these in order to perform commercial aerial work in Canada – without it, an operator cannot obtain adequate aviation liability insurance.  

We also offer tethered and zipline solutions where it would be either unsafe or illegal to actually fly the drones.  Our creative solutions can solve all your aerial and ground imaging needs!

Please protect your own liability by choosing a qualified UAV Operator.

360 Pano Virtual Tours showcase your location in very interactive and engaging ways.
The most popular use cases are:

  • Visualizing the proximity of surrounding amenities to your site, as in the 5-Pano example above (any number of panos is possible)
  • Showcasing what the views would look like from various levels of a future high-rise building.  Perhaps a 360 pano at each 5th floor in the tower for use on your micro-sites or in your sales centres.

Timelapse Videos document your medium/longer-term project in brief yet effective ways.

Typically 2 to 10 dedicated cameras are installed on site (indoors or out) and programmed to capture interval photos throughout the day.  These are harvested every few weeks to provide status updates to key stakeholders, investors, customers, etc. and a final video is produced at the completion of the project.


A small portion of dozens of customized video assets for a series of national team meetings.


We provided the ground and aerial videography as well as audio for a documentary highlighting this local director’s journey in Urban Agriculture.  After checking out the trailer, you can purchase the film here!

construction updates

The first in a series of social construction updates as the penthouse suite of one of Toronto’s beautiful historic buildings is built out for this new head office.


In one of our most heart-warming projects, we join the Burger King Foundation and Redberry Restaurants in surprising many of the 2022 Scholarship Recipients.


Follow the story of this massive $300,000 donation to rural hospitals and the impact this has in the local communities.


This is probably the coolest concrete company on the planet – here’s one of many social hype reels of another of their epic projects.